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Why are some cheap oakley sunglasses so much more expensive than others? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however we believe that the main factors that determine price are a sunglasses materials, coatings, brand power, and construction. Titanium frames cost much more than nylon frames. Many customers are loyal to one brand over another and will pay extra for the “cool factor”. That’s brand power. When you start adding these factors together, it does not take long for a $50 pair of sunglasses to cost $300.
Sunglasses in some form have been around for a very long time. Roman Emperor Nero made sunglasses by watching gladiator competitions through polished light emerald green gems held up to his eyes. The true invention of oakley sunglasses was somewhere between 1268 and 1289.
Not only rectangular sunglasses, round face shaped women can also choose from angular glasses, clear-bridge model or up swept model as well. While the discount oakley sunglasses balance the roundness of face perfectly, angular style of glasses puts the style bar up. Clear-bridge model glasses which come up to the nose are a class apart for women’s with round face shape. Many people believe that purchasing cheap oakleys simply means paying for a designer name. This is not the case. Inexpensive sunglasses may not give you 100% UV protection.
You can buy the product if you want as oakley sunglasses not only protect from harmful UV rays but keep eyes safe. When you buy from the online stores you have the liberty of getting them at your doorstep. The online stores provide you with the facility of free shipping. The online stores have also started selling the second hand sunglasses. This has become a thriving business since last few years.Every manufacturer claims to make the best sunglasses on earth, but for the most part you will get what you pay for. Polarization is more expensive than a non-polarized lens.